“Maritza's beautiful illustrations along with the weight of her words convey the urgent plea at the heart of animal liberation: to treat all species of animals with equal respect and dignity. This book is filled with potential to empower children to become animal advocates beyond helping them to connect the dots across species lines.” –Darren Chang, Animal Liberationist

A Pig IS a Dog IS a Kid - Why We Treat Animals Differently and How to Change our Ways. 

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I created this book because most of us have a natural connection with animals, but few make the connection between our love for animals and the habit of eating them. I offer a closer look at why and how we can so wholeheartedly devote ourselves to certain animals and then allow others to suffer unnecessarily, especially those slaughtered for food. I explain that animals, just like us, want to avoid pain and suffering, and I encourage everyone to think differently about what we choose to eat, always listen to our hearts, and show compassion to all living beings.


                         Maritza Oliver

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