Vegan Children’s Books are vividly illustrated, lightly-rendered educational books with the goal to empower future generations to build a better world by depicting complicated topics through colorful and whimsical watercolor hand-drawn illustrations. These books are intended to be shared by parents and children, and adults of all ages in a read-aloud fashion.  We hope you enjoy reading and coloring each of our books as much as we enjoyed making them!

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The Author


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Born and raised in Peru, Maritza moved to Canada in 2002. She is an entrepreneur, artist, activist, author and illustrator. She combines her passion for art with her love of animal advocacy, the environment and social justice by writing children’s picture books on veganism. She studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Lima, Peru and in Madrid, Spain.  After learning the truth about the horrific practices of animal agriculture, she could not bear to know that animals were treated poorly on account of her diet. She understood that if she didn’t need to eat animals for survival, it was a choice, and she chose not to inflict pain and suffering on other sentient beings. She went vegan cold turkey, and it was the best decision she ever made. After making those changes, she felt as though she had finally found a purpose in life. Since then, she’s been making her mark in Canada by publishing unique, beautiful children’s books that cater to the growing vegan community.