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Mama Cow & Calf from Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you shipping and returns policies?

Check your shopping cart carefully! Orders from Vegan Children's Books are non-refundable. Please see our policy details here

Are your books available in my language?

Vegan Children's Books are only available in English, but they will be translated into Spanish very soon. Our goal is to have these books available in as many foreign languages as possible.

Are your books available in my country?

Vegan Children’s Books are distributed worldwide wherever books are sold online and in many vegan shops. Any bookstore will be able to order a book if requested.

What is the appropriate age for your books?

At Vegan Children's Books there will always be a book for everyone. However, our first book “Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky” is targeted to children 8 and up and adults of all ages because it digs very deep into the power of our personal choices (in this case dairy) and its direct effects on the animals. Our second book A Pig IS a Dog IS a Kid is geared toward a younger crowd, It has a more gentle approach. 

Will your books turn my non-vegan friends into a vegan?

Vegan Children's Books will cover almost everything that has to do with animals and their use – rodeos, zoos, circuses, sports, hunting, animal testing, aquariums, clothing, cruelty- free products, world hunger, pollution, injustice, and more. Our books focus on compassionate lifestyle choices that anyone can make to help animals and the planet.

Will I ever be vegan enough?

At Vegan Children's Books we strongly believe that veganism is not about being perfect, it’s about living our lives causing the least amount of harm possible, if we could live happy healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we? That’s what veganism is all about.

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