Be Kind to Every Kind

Extending our circle of compassion to All living beings

Extending our circle of compassion to All living beings

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” - Martin Luther King Jr. I decided to start my review with this Martin Luther King Jr. quote because I believe nothing describes Maritza's intentions in writing Be Kind To Every Kind better than that simple, but powerful quote. I truly believe that we must look at the big picture. We are all connected because we all live on this planet together. We are all affected by what we do to this planet and its inhabitants. Social justice is global justice. I have no human children, but I am a lifelong collector of children's literature. I have all of Maritza Oliver's hardcover books and her writing style and illustrations are forever enchanting, yet majorly important at the same time. She hits on touchy subjects with the utmost compassion and with so much gentle attention to detail. More and more people are raising vegan families, but I believe that these powerful books can be a staple on anyone's bookshelf, even a forty year old cat lady with no human kids. Be Kind To Every Kind demonstrates perfectly to kids and adults alike, that inclusion matters, representation matters and intersectional advocacy matters." - Tracie Brannan

"Be Kind To Every Kind is an amazing book for kids and adults. Often we go through life without ever asking these important questions. The beautiful illustrations accompanied by educational text makes this an impacftul and eye-opening book. It sparks interesting conversation with kids learning how to accept everyone. This is a much needed book for our youth to learn about anti-oppression and to foster care, empathy, compassion and love." --Daniela Reiser, Founder of Social Change Makers Society

"Be Kind to Every Kind is a book that I will eagerly read to my little girls so that they can better understand fundamental issues of social justice and how we are all connected. I am not aware of any other book that so eloquently and beautifully describes how we can promote fairness and equality for all living beings, including nonhuman animals. I cannot recommend this book highly enough." -Casey Taft, Ph.D., Author, Publisher, and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine

"Be Kind to Every Kind beautifully waves in concepts of justice in a way that will nurture the kindness inherent in children. I love that Maritza Oliver never talks down to kids, even addressing "grown-up" issues such as social injustice, speciesism, sexism, ableism, and racism. This wonderfully illustrated book will surely inspire a more compassionate future for generations to come." - Lauren Ornelas, Founder and Executive Director of Food Empowerment Project

A Pig IS a Dog IS a Kid

Why we treat animals differently and how to change our ways

Why we treat animals differently and how to change our ways

“Vegan Children's Books newest book is adorned with gorgeous and heartwarming illustrations that help children bridge the gap between our apathy for farmed animals and our respect and concern for most all other animals. In my own work, I often point out that children generally learn to discriminate in various ways from the adult world. One form of discrimination is based on which animals we consume from those we ‘love.’ The adult world then teaches us to block out the reality of what really happens to farmed animals. One of the most striking and clever visual ways Oliver communicates this message is through the illustration of the two signs side by side, one on each tree. The one on the right has a cute photo of a pig and reads ‘Pig roast extravaganza!’ while the one on left has a cute photo of a dog and reads ‘Lost dog, reward!’ Oliver smartly anticipates the justifications we commonly hear from people for why we should continue to eat animals and, in so doing, helps her young readers identify them and respond to them. She uses reason and emotion, head and heart, to make a strong case for not harming animals that is uplifting to children and adults alike!” — Robert Grillo, President and Director of Free from Harm.

“The truth of how our society in general treats and views most animals is never a palatable one—no matter what age we are when we discover it. In A Pig Is a Dog Is a Kid, Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books once again deals with this difficult subject matter in an honest, loving and compassionate manner, giving young people the opportunity to understand the speciesism that is inherent in our perception of animals. This book is a wonderful resource that has been lovingly illustrated and put together.” — Emma Letessier, Editor of Barefoot Vegan Magazine & Co-Founder of Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary.

“In her signature unique style, Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books has captured the essence of animal rights in this whimsically and colourfully illustrated book. Although geared towards children, people of all ages need to hear her message: that being kind to animals means not eating them. I teach my children that we practice the golden rule towards animals, and I’m pleased that now I can read them this important idea from A Pig Is a Dog Is a Kid.” — Anna Pippus, Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy at Animal Justice.

“Maritza Oliver's pioneering contribution to the library of Animal Liberation/Vegan literature for younger children has richly coloured pictures and frank, age appropriate text that evinces compassion and imagination. The message itself is a necessary examination of the sometimes strange world we live in, but is sensitive to the innate emotional needs of children as well. 
Children will be taught a valuable skill in reading this: critical reflection. This provides the foundation for their own advocacy to include compassion and more well-rounded thought processes when reflecting on what others tell them about non-humans. This introduces a basic understanding of speciesism, how we place animals in hierarchical structures based around preferential experiences and injustice. Teaching children about speciesism is an important step in eradicating it. Please support this publication and its message of kindness.” - David Isbister, PlantBase.

“This is definitely a beautiful and fully advisable story for kids, full of priceless examples about empathy regarding different attitudes in life about veganism vs speciesism in a very simple and effective way. This book will make you sit up and take notice of life, being aware of the feelings and emotions of every sentient being other than ourselves. The author succeeds in raising awareness while providing a deep analysis of the foundation ethical problems in a systematic rectification and commodification of animals. On these grounds, there is no place anymore for considerations in language like free range eggs vs caged, pig vs pork, etc. The book discusses appealingly a healthier way to grow up away from pain.” – Juan Carlos Escobar, Spain.

“My kids were fascinated and loved reading “A Pig is a Dog is a Kid”. by Maritza Oliver, whom once again, did a brilliant job at informing our children with not only her words but also with her beautiful illustrations, the importance of knowing where our food comes from, thank you Maritza for teaching our children about healthier and ethical food choices. Well done!!” - Cecilia Torres

 “Love this book! Although this beautifully illustrated book is written for children, A Pig is a Dog is a Kid’s message of kindness, compassion and treating other the way WE want to be treated is applicable to us all. Everyone needs to read Maritza Oliver’s book and incorporate the message into their life.”  - Margo Watt

Vegan Fashion Venture

Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky

Raising awareness of dairy consumption for the next generation

Raising awareness of dairy consumption for the next generation




“This is a wonderful new book by Maritza Oliver from Vegan Children's Books, about what cows endure to provide milk products for human consumption. Maritza has written and illustrated a compassionate and very informative story that is perfect for children and adults. She also shares lovely facts about cows—including that “they get excited when they solve problems! Here is an important book that can solve problems we create for the cows—please visit her website to order her book for you and a friend! Thank you Maritza for all you are doing for the animals!” — Rae Ann Kumelos,

“Maritza Oliver’s book, Milk and Cookie and Little Spooky, from Vegan Children's Books is a must read and should be required reading in schools. She tells it like it is and it is a wonderful reference as to what is involved in the dairy industry. This knowledge is partnered by her whimsical and sweet illustrations of the cows. With her genius she is able to celebrate these wonderful animals in their natural glory and also to show the misery they endure in the dairy industry. This book brings to light the grave misunderstanding nurtured by false advertising that dairy products are healthy. Ms. Oliver’s illustrations remind us that these animals are feeling creatures to be respected and loved.” — Marian Hailey-Moss, Author and Animal Activist

“Should be required reading for any family, October 3, 2015. Milk and Cookie a Little Spooky from Vegan Children's Books is a wonderful children’s book about cows & their milk, how it’s obtained and how it’s actually not very kind or healthy. As a doctor, I can vouch for the medical accuracy of this book—it is spot on. Also as I read this book to my child, I also learned so much! This book is appropriate for ALL ages, including adults. It is absolutely stunning, beautiful illustrations. Explains how dairy cows live a short life and made to be pregnant, only to have the calf ripped away after birth. From the book: ‘We’ve been tricked into believing that God sent cows to give us milk so that we can grow strong bones. But nothing could be further from the truth, and the time is long overdue to break ourselves free of this lie.’ This book is perfect for any family to read together to finally learn about the truth of dairy foods. Wonderful way to transition off dairy, whether you are an omnivore looking for more conscious choices or a vegetarian also looking for health and morally conscious choices.” — Ashwani Garq, MD

“I found this book from Vegan Children's Books to be very thorough at explaining all of the reasons why we shouldn’t and don’t need to drink cow’s milk. My almost 5 year old loved it and had a lot of questions about the drawings. It is beautifully illustrated and shows the emotions of the animals without being too graphic. A must have for any vegan family!”. — Heather Doherty, The Vegan Police.

“Maritza’s book from Vegan Children's Books is a joy to read, even for adults! I love the beautiful colour illustrations as well as the comprehensive information provided about the dairy industry.” — Almira Tanner, Organizer DxE Everywhere, Vancouver, BC.

“This morning we read ˆ by Vegan Children’s Books’ author Maritza Oliver, a really comprehensive book about veganism for children. We’ll definitely keep coming back to this one. It’s a good one for my son to grow with. We love the pictures of the happy cows and their amazing facts!” — Michelle Carrera, Founder of Chilies on Wheels.

“I Love this book and the illustrations. For a first time author and illustrator, Maritza Oliver founder of Vegan Children's Books did a very professional job, absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Milk and Cookie A Little Spooky is an easy to understand, truthful story for kids and adults alike. It shows the cruelty behind the dairy industry in a clear but not scary way. For anyone who might be offended by this book; I hope you realize that telling children the truth is much better than lying to them about sunny happy farms with happy cows. Cows bred into the dairy industry are not happy to be exploited with painful tubes hooked up to their udders day in and day out. They’re not happy to have their newborn infants stolen from them so humans can steal their vital life milk. And they’re not happy to be brutally murdered after they’ve been used and abused to exhaustion. We are moving into a new era of compassion for all animals. Thanks to social media and global awareness, more and more people are waking up to the truth about animal agriculture and its environmental unsustainability and cruelty. Books like this by Vegan Children's Books are going to become more common in the coming years, but Ms. Oliver and a few others are pioneering the vegan children’s book movement. Thanks, Maritza.” — Traci Bee, Truth Be Vegan Blog

“I was fortunate in winning a copy of this book by Vegan Children's Books and found it to be well written and beautifully illustrated. The message re the sad and ugly truth behind the dairy industry is something readers of any age could appreciate. I look forward to reading more books by this author! Thank you Maritza Oliver for this! “ — Beth Martineau, Vancouver Animal Defense League

“The world needs books like this from Vegan Children's Books. If you have watched documentaries such as Earthlings (YouTube) or Cowspiracy (Netflix) or if you are simply aware enough about where we are headed environmentally, socially and on rising issue of animal rights, this book is for you. Equally relevant to children and adults, it teaches compassion and logic. It’s time to wake up and end the holocaust that we, humans commit on animals on a daily basis. It’s so unnecessary, so heartless. If you’re raising compassionate thoughtful kids, buy this book! The author is an animal rights activist!” — Jen Dobell, Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered

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